Tent Flooring is the perfect choice for all of your outdoor events or industrial needs.
Whether your event is held on the lawn, sand, asphalt, concrete, or any other temporary fields, QuickFloorings has the most brilliant temporary flooring solution for you. Our tent flooring is ideal for outdoor events, stadium grass protection, hospitality tents, military shelter, vehicle access paths, helipads, etc. It provides a robust protective layer between the ground and the user. They come in a range of colors, making them an excellent choice to match any special occasion for you. Today we are introducing 3 model portable tent floors, including rollout style tent flooring, rectangle modular tent flooring and hexagon modular tent flooring.
Roll-out Style Tent Flooring
Rollout-style tent flooring is mainly used as stadium flooring, turning your athletic facility into a multi-purpose activity center. At the same time, your expensive sports surfaces are being protected from damage by Quickfloorings’s patented designs that keep your grass healthy and green and your synthetic surfaces unblemished and looking new. No matter what the event concerts, fairs, graduations, carnivals or anything else, the unique rollout style flooring system by QuickFloorings is, without doubt, the flooring system you need to get the most out of your event.
Product Features & Benefits
  • Specifically designed with a 17mm small bottom ceiling, the roll-up style tent flooring provides enough space for natural grass growth. And it maintains healthy grass surfaces beneath the floor for up to 10 days.
  • Small holes on the floor surface allow water to drain, encouraging air and light to get underneath the floor. It not only protects the stadium surface but also it is suitable for grass growing.
  • Installation and disassembly are amazingly fast and simple. The unique rollout design makes it easy and quick to cover large surfaces with minimal labor. You can lay down a stadium-size quantity of Roll-out style tent flooring in about eight hours with 10 to 12 people.
  • Thanks to the interlocking modular design, Our outdoor flooring is ultra-strong and lightweight. It can support six thousand pounds per square foot.
  • Women in high heels can also walk across the seamless non-slip surface.
  • The interlocking sections snap free and then roll up into easy-to-handle easy to store rolls.
  • The ramp edgings and corners suit wheelchair accessibility and give the roll-up tent flooring system a finished appearance.
Model RT-01 Product Specification:
  • Tile Size: 300x150x18mm
  • Edgeing Size: 150x65x18mm
  • Corner Size: 60x60x18mm
  • Weight:175g(+/-10g)
  • Appearance: Anti-slip surface with Drainage holes
  • Color:any viable
  • Amibient Tempreture:-40℃-70℃
  • Lifetime:10years
Model RT-02 Product Specification:
  • Tile Size: 304x86x17mm
  • Edgeing Size: 150x65x18mm
  • Corner Size: 60x60x18mm
  • Weight:175g(+/-10g)
  • Appearance: Anti-slip surface with Drainage holes
  • Color:any viable
  • Amibient Tempreture:-40℃-70℃
  • Lifetime:10years
Rectangle Modular Tent Flooring
When you are looking for temporary outdoor wedding tent flooring or tent flooring for any special outdoor occasion, Rectangle Modular Tent Flooring would be an ideal choice for you. This lightweight outdoor flooring is easy to install and remove. Combined with a cross ribs structure, Rectangle Modular Tent Flooring also minimizes the weight on the grass and makes sure the surface is even. These temporary outdoor floorings have a significant craze in the market because they are suitable for any application.
Product Features & Benefits
  • More than 380 drainage holes per square meter, moisture and air can go through the holes
  • No tools are needed for set up and disassembly
  • Designed with anti-slip surface texture, allowing it amazingly function as portable walkways.
  • Ramping corners and edges protect the edge of the rectangle modular tent flooring system from damage
  • wide range of color choices for branding
  • 2cm thickness tiles can bear more than 2 tons per square meter.
  • Avoiding the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, thanks to the unique interlocking design.
Product Specification:
  • Tile Size: 500x250x20mm
  • Edgeing Size: 250x60x20mm
  • Corner Size: 60x60x20mm
  • Weight:570g(+/-10g)
  • Appearance: Anti-slip surface with Drainage holes
  • Color:any viable
  • Amibient Tempreture:-40℃-70℃
  • Lifetime:10years
Hexagon Modular Tent Flooring
Hexagon Modular Tent Flooring is a superior temporary flooring system tough enough to stand up to many different uses case, including walkway, pathway, marquee, and all event flooring needs. Unlike rectangle modular, the unique hexagonal design provides the flooring solution more possibilities. Any irregular-shaped surface could be covered, such as rectangular, circular, or asymmetrical. The hexagon modular flooring system provides tremendous strength as adjoining tiles support each other from six sides. The triangle tiles for the hexagon floor enhance the integrated appearance of the floor system.
Product Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for any irregularly shaped sites such as rectangular, circular, or asymmetrical.
  • Honeycomb design enables to cover angles of 30°, 60°, or 90°
  • Unique interlocking six sides structure allows the Hexagon flooring to support tremendous weight and moving loads
  • Allowing for one-person installation, and no tools required
  • Featuring anti-slip texture on the surface
  • Drainage holes design allows air and water to enter the grass beneath the floor; benefits for grass keep growing.
Product Specification:
  • Hexagon tile size: 385x333x18mm
  • Triangle tile size: 33x100x18mm
  • Hexagon tile weight: 450g(+/-10g)
  • Triangle tile weight: 85g
  • Appearance: Anti-slip surface with Drainage holes
  • Color: any viable
  • Ambient Tempreture:-40℃-70℃
  • Lifetime:10years

Key Features of QuickFloorings’s Tent Flooring

  • Made of high-impact polypropylene plastic material, which is 100% recycled. This material performs well in any weather.
  • Built-in UV protection material means your portable outdoor flooring will remain attractive and durable for years.
  • Durable and low maintenance. There’s never any see-sawing or wobbling, and unlike conventional plywood flooring, it’s not going to rot, warp or delaminate.
  • The small holes on the surface allow air circulation and moisture flow, which keeps grass moist and distributing heat in the tiles.
  • Thanks to the simple snap connection construction, QuickFloorings allows for highly efficient installation and removal and minimizes your labor costs.
  • The slip-resistant surface is friendly to pedestrians. Because of the flat surface, wheelchair access is easier than ever.
  • Repair easily. For some reason, repair becomes necessary. It’s a snap individual removable treads, allow you just to snap out a damaged section and snap in a new one.
  • Easily washable. Simply hose it off with a garden hose, pressure washer or this easy-to-use rotary pressure washer attachment.
QuickFloorings tent flooring performs excellently in temporary outdoor flooring. Its durability, low maintenance, good looks, fast and easy to assemble and a quick payback on your investment.
  • Outdoor events
  • Portable walkways
  • Stadium turf protection
  • ice arena flooring covering
  • military shelter flooring
  • Temporary vehicle access pathway
  • Helipads